How Artificial Intelligence Affects Software Development

Melih Yumak
7 min readApr 1
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In this article we will explore what is the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development? What’s the benefit of using artificial intelligence? What are the challenges of using AI in software development? How AI will shape future of sotware engineering?


In today’s world technology is growing rapidly and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the major technologies that is revolutionizing different industries. AI is the capability of a machine to replicate human thinking, learning and decision making. We can also say that it is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that can be trained to perform tasks that require human level intelligence.

AI is playing a significant role in the software development process by helping developers with daily tasks. It enables making software more efficient, accurate and cost effective. Automating the progress makes it accomplished much more faster.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Development:

Code Generation

Artificial Intelligence can be used to generate code automatically. Automatically creating code saves time and effort for developers. AI algorithms can learn from existing code and generate new code that is optimized for performance, readability and maintainability. It can also detect and fix bugs, which improves the quality of the code.

Its not that long ago in October 29, 2021 github released copilot. It enabled developers to write code much more faster and with less errors.


Testing is an essential part of the software development process and AI can be used to automate the testing process. AI algorithms can learn from past test cases and generate new test cases that cover more scenarios. This helps you to identify bugs and issues before the software is released. As a result of tests that reduce the risk of software failures and improve the quality of the software.

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