The beginning of the industrial revolution with Artificial Intelligence

Melih Yumak
8 min readAug 11
industrial revolution with Artificial Intelligence


In today’s world powered by technological developments, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has accelerated like never before in history. Developing with the discovery of fire and the invention of agriculture, humankind is entering a new era with Artificial intelligence.

Automation has mechanized the knowledge learned so far and now it has added artificial intelligence to these technologies.

With the developing computer technologies and artificial intelligence programs in today’s industrial applications, large amounts of data can be processed. Obtained results can be analyzed.

There are many areas these results can be used. Also, the usage of AI is no longer a concern with the ability to make decisions based on what they have learned.

A new era of innovation, efficiency and possibilities will come with AI. There are some areas we will explore deeply in this article.

These areas are:

Healthcare: Diagnosis and Treatment Beyond Human Sensitivity

Finance: Financial calculations and analysis methods with Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturing: Where Automation Meets Precision and Quickness

Agriculture: Growing fast and quality crops with Artificial Intelligence

Retail: Personalization and analysis by consumer needs

Entertainment: Abilities and approaches to cinema and photography

Transportation: taking a new horizon with pilotless planes, driverless cars and driverless trains

Energy: Strengthening and Diversifying Efficiency through Artificial Intelligence

Ethical Boundary: commitment to human values Identifying areas of responsibility

Future Look: Preparing to the usage of AI in all ares of social an ecenomic life

Let’s try to learn the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on various sectors in today’s human life with this article.

We will clearly explain how artificial intelligence is reshaping the many production techniques and…